Monday, 12 December 2016

Lifestyle: Pick 'n' Melt Christmas Gift Pack

One of the first things I do when I get home in the evening is light a few candles as I love to create a cosy atmosphere and fill the house with my favourite scents. So when I heard about Pick 'n' Melt, I couldn't wait to try their products.
As well as candles, I'm a big lover of wax melts as I think they give off a stronger scent when melting on my wax warmer.

Pick 'n' Melt have over 250 scents to choose from and each little bag is made up of 6 small cubes (1cm x 1cm x 1cm) and can form 100s of different combinations. I was sent the Christmas gift pack to try which includes, a Wax Warmer and 16 melt bags which are made up of 2 packets of 8 different Christmas scents: Christmas Time, Christmas Spice, Robin Red Breast, Mistletoe & Wine, Cocoa & Log Fire, Frankensense & Myrrh, Snow and Festive Tree. 
I used a packet (6 cubes) on the wax warmer at a time (they suggest using 6 -12 cubes) but honestly, 6 cubes is enough.  I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly the little cubes filled the room with the most wonderful Christmas scent. I have since warmed the melts 3/4 times until my tea light burns out and they have retained their scent which is really impressive. 
Once I'm finished with the wax melt, I let it set and then pop the top of the wax warmer in the freezer over night. When I remove the following morning I gently press around the edge with a knife the wax just pops right out leaving zero mess so you can use your next melt.

If you know any candle lovers this set would make such a lovely Christmas gift or would be a lovely gift for yourself on the run up to Christmas and at only £12, it's such good value for money as there are enough scents to fill your home with a festive scent until the New Year.
*This set was sent to me as pr sample but these are my own views. 
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