Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Lifestyle: Up-cycled Dinning Chairs

The night we came to view the house we now live in, (I still can't believe it's ours) I couldn't sleep all night with excitement. I just knew it was the house for us. I spent all night decorating the house in my head and searching Pinterest for ideas. I came across so many ideas and decided I could up-cycle some old pieces of furniture I had instead of buying new. 

I had an Ikea dinning table and chairs at my Mum and Dads that I never had space for in the flat which I decided to give a new life with a lick of paint. I bought some chalk paint in the colour flint and had some white satin paint lying around so it never cost much to do. Before I painted my chairs I lightly sanded them and then wiped them down with a damp cloth. Here are some pictures of before and after. I'm so pleased with the results. 

My next project was these pictures frames from the local charity shop. I paid less than £3.50 for them both and painted the larger one with the grey chalk paint and the other with a tester paint I picked up in Homebase for 50p. I did add a little grey paint into the mix to get more of a duck egg green colour. 

I picked up this frame in Primark for a £1 and wrapping paper from Paperchase. I removed the foam picture and replaced with the wrapping paper. I also added wrapping paper to the pink frame I painted grey again, the wrapping paper was from Paperchase along with the postcard I popped into the smaller frame. 

Keep your eyes peeled for a house tour on the blog soon. 

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Sunday, 3 April 2016

Lifestyle: Top Tips for Selling your Property

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I'm sure if you follow me on Twitter and Instagram, you will have read that I've recently sold my flat and bought a house with my boyfriend.

I started thinking about it just over a year ago which gave us time to save and to get my property ready for going on the market. I wrote so many to do lists and took some time off during the Summer of last year to decorate my flat. My flat never went on the market until the end of October and sold after two viewings, so my hard work paid off in the end. Here are my top tips for selling:

First of all, I had a major clear out and had a car boot sale with all my unwanted items. This way, I was able to de-clutter which made decorating a bit easier and made some money towards the deposit on my new house. De-cluttering also helps to make your home more sell able as it helps viewers envisage what the place could look like if they lived there. However, don't de-clutter too much and take away your personality as people like to buy into a lifestyle as well as the property.

Deal with repairs
It's best to deal with small repairs before you put your property on the market. If not, these may be picked up on the home report and put buyers off. Thankfully, I didn't have many repairs to carry out apart from a door handle to go back on and a couple of small holes in the wall from hanging pictures. A bit of polyfilla works wonders.

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Freshen up / neutralise decor
I had a bright pink kitchen. I know, what was I thinking. I bought some white paint and freshened the walls up and what a difference it made. Not only would my flat appeal to a wider market but it made it look clean and fresh. I also repainted my bathroom ceiling but the rest of the walls cleaned up by wiping it with a baby wipe. 

Make the kitchen and bathroom a priority
When selling, they say the two most important rooms in your house are your kitchen and bathroom. The reason being, they are the most expensive.

I repainted all my white kitchen cupboards which made my kitchen look new, I also (as mentioned above) neutralised the decor by getting rid of the pink with some fresh coats of white paint. I had a few tears in my lino flooring so bought a big runner from Ikea to cover them. I added some wall art to the white walls which can done very cheaply by buying postcards and washi tape from Paperchase and another favourite of mine is Sass and Bell's wall signs

For the bathroom, I freshened up the grout in between the tiles and removed the old sealer and replaced it with new. Again, this can be done cheaply but it does take a bit of hard work. For a quick fix, try using a small paint brush and white emulsion paint in between your tiles.

It was amazing the difference it made. My bathroom looked so clean and fresh which is a huge selling point as mold and mildew all round the bath put me off when I was looking at properties to buy. 

Clean your property from top to bottom. I'm a bit obsessive with cleaning so my home is cleaned from top to bottom at least once a week. 

Make a good first impression
First impressions are everything. Living in a flat it was a lot harder to make a good first impression as I was also relying on my neighbours keeping the close clean. I was lucky enough to live in a very well kept close but before viewings, I would go out and sweep the stairs and clean the window ledges. I also purchased a new door mat and a plant for my front door. 

Make it smell nice
Bad smells can instantly put buyers off. I was put off a property we viewed by the smell of stale smoke. Light some candles, air the property by opening windows or bake fresh bread in the oven. I never went as far as baking bread but I heard it works. An easy way to do this without having to actually bake bread from scratch, is to buy those cheap baguettes from the supermarket that go in the oven for ten minutes and if you're a smoker, leave bowls of vinegar round the house for three days, then open the window to remove the smell of vinegar. 

I hope you find these tips useful. 

Look out for a tour of my new house on the blog soon but in the meantime you can have a peak at what I have done so far over on my Instagram.

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