Sunday, 16 August 2015

Lifestyle: Up-cycling Ideas

After spending last weekend up-cycling old furniture and picture frames with my sister for her new home, it has really put me in the mood to do some DIY craft projects of my own using what I already have lying around my home. 

It's amazing what you can make out of stuff you would normally throw out, especially jars.  I used this old pickle jar and added a free sample of Cath Kidston material and used it store tea bags. 

There are countless ideas on pinterest if you need some inspiration. Mason jars are hugely popular for up-cycling.

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Bonne Maman jam jars are really pretty and can be turned into vases, candle holders or storage jars.

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Old candles jars (such as Yankee) can also be great for re-using. A great tip I picked up to remove the melted wax is to put the candle jar in the freezer overnight, take it out the following morning and go round the edge of the wax with a knife and it should come off really easy. I love these make-up brush holders made out of Yankee candle jars.

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Old furniture can be given a new life with just a lick of paint. I painted this old Ikea table as it was looking a bit shabby with splashes of paint all over it. Rather than throwing it out, I dug out some white paint and gave it a few of coats. I used white satin paint and was really pleased with the end result.

Do you have any up-cycling tips?

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  1. Love this Linsay! I never really throw away any old jars now, I always find some sort of use for them! x

    1. Thanks lovely, I'm obsessed with recycling jars at the moment. xx

  2. So great! I am obsessed with jars, because I can always think of a way to use them. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. I always keep my old jars too! I have a whole drawer full. Great ideas. Thx