Friday, 26 June 2015

Beauty: Transform Glasgow

A few weeks I was invited along to the Transform blogger event at the Glasgow Clinic to watch demonstrations of non surgical procedures. These were a Glycolic peel, Botox and Lip Fillers. The event was really interesting and I feel so much more clued on these procedures than I was before.

When we arrived we were greeted by Sophie and treated to these fabulous cupcakes. We were then talked through the demonstrations and they all seem far less scary than I thought.

The Glycolic Peel 
When I think of a peel, I imagine that episode of Sex and The City when Samantha turns up at Carrie's book launch with an over sized hat and black vale covering her face as she had a terrible reaction to a chemical peel. Well, it was so not like that, the girl who had the peel was absolutely glowing afterwards.

The Glycolic Peel, carried out using Obaji products, removes the dead skin from the face leaving the skin smooth and glowing. Once people have had the peel they will really feel the benefit of their serum and moisturiser as it's able to penetrate the skin better.

The second demonstration was Botox. This procedure was the one I was most interested in as I don't like the lines on my forehead and I have often considered Botox. The Nurse carrying out the Botox explained that Botox should really be carried out by a Doctor or a Nurse and good quality Botox should range from £250 - £299 which makes me skeptical about these deals I see online for £99.

Botox is a protein that relaxes the muscle and smooths out lines. It normally wears off after about 6 months with no long term effects. It was really interesting to hear the other uses of Botox. It's used to reduce sweating, twitching above the eye and even to help migraines.

Lip Fillers
The 3rd and final procedure was Lip Fillers. This is probably one of the most talked about procedures at the moment due to Kylie Jenner recently admitting to having Lip Fillers and the girls from Transform told how their website hits went through the roof with people researching this procedure.

The Lip Fillers looked the most painful procedure out of all three but honestly, the girl having the procedure barely flinched when it was being carried out.  You are given an anesthetic to numb the area and then the lips are injected with the Juvederm lip filler. The results were instant as you can see from the pictures.

When leaving we were treated to goodie bags filled with anti aging products which I'm really looking forward to trying out. Thanks again to Label PR for inviting me along to this event.

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  1. So sorry not to have made this event - fascinating stuff.

  2. such an interesting event! glad you had fun!

  3. It was very interesting girls, I feel like I'm so much more clued up now. x

  4. Nice to read the account of the Transform event. Such events do offer insight and information regarding the cosmetic treatments to the readers. you should have shared your botox before after pictures.