Friday, 8 May 2015

Food: Tommy Tucker Gourmet Popcorn

I love popcorn as a snack so you can imagine how pleased I was to picked to be part of Tommy Tuckers taste testing team and sent a huge box of gourmet flavoured popcorn to try. 

When it arrived, I thought there is no chance I am getting through this alone. So, I took it with me on a recent trip to my parents house as we had a few friends round for the night and thought it would be a good idea to get everyone in on the taste test.  

I was sent the following flavours to try: 

Fruits of The Forrest 
The Fruits of the Forrest had a lovely sweet taste with a cherry and strawberry flavoured toffee coating. It was my personal favourite.

Chilli and Lemon
The Chilli and Lemon had a sweet flavour at first and then the chilli taste kicked in. It was surprisingly really tasty and went down well with everyone that tasted it. 

Coconut Toffee
This one was the most popular but unfortunately, the most calorific. The coconut and toffee was the perfect combination, very sweet but absolutely delicious. 

Smoked Chedder Cheese 
The least popular of all flavours but tasted a lot better than I imagined. It was very cheesey and quite strong and would probably go down well with those who favour savory over sweet. 

Sweet and Salt
Don't get me wrong, I liked this flavour but just seemed a bit boring in comparison to the other flavours. Saying that, every drop was eaten. 

You have probably tried Tommy Tucker Popcorn without even realising as they are the popcorn supplier in Cineworld, Vue, City Screen and Empire cinemas across the country. 

Tommy Tucker is now available to buy online and launched their new retail website on the 1st of May so head over to see what other flavours you can buy. 

*These products were sent to me free of charge to review.

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    1. Yes I thought so to as I have never tasted cheesy popcorn before. The sweet stuff was amazing though. xx