Sunday, 18 January 2015

My Top eBay Tips

If like me, you have spent the majority of your life spending your wages on clothes then you won't want to part with them without getting a little something back. eBay is a great way of getting rid of your unwanted items while making some cash at the same time. I've been a eBay seller for years and many of my friends often ask me for tips, so I thought I would write a post about it. Even if you are not an eBay newbie, you might find some of my tips useful.   

If you don't wear/use it sell it
Have a wardrobe clear out and if you haven't worn it in a long time, (over a year I would say) then sell it. 

Buy first 
Buy first to build up your feedback rating. This way you will look more trustworthy to buyers wanting to purchase items from you. Buying will also help you learn how the bidding system works. 

Watch items 
Search and watch similar items to the ones you are planning to sell. This will give you an idea of what price they well sell for and you can set a realistic starting price.  

Take advantage of the 20 free listings a month
eBay allows you to list 20 items a month for free. After that, each item costs 35p to list. eBay will take a 10% final value fee of the overall sale (including the postage). If you have more than 20 items to sell, I would wait until the next month to list to avoid the listing fees. 

Look out for additional free listings
As well as your 20 free listings a month, from time to time eBay will let you list upto 100 items for free. Look out for emails for eBay where you can accept the offer and start listing for free. 

Put as much information in the title as possible 
This will allow more buyers to find your item. So if you are listing a black dress for example, make sure you list the brand, colour, style and size in the title e.g 'Topshop, Black, Bodycon Dress, Size 10'. This is far more likely to be found than just 'black dress'.

Describe your item accurately
Describe your item in detail and include any defects the item has. That way you avoid buyers complaining about the item, leaving bad feedback or wanting a refund. If your item does have a defect then reflect that in the price and make sure you state that in your description. I tend to only sell items that are in good condition but if it does have the slightest mark or scratch I will disclose this in my description.   

Take good pictures 
Try and take pictures in the day light as the quality will be far better. I have noticed my items are more likely to sell when I have taken my pictures in the day as it make the items look much better. It also gives a more accurate picture of the item as certain lighting can make the colour look different. 

End auctions at the right time 
Most people will bid on items in the evening so make sure when listing the item the auction ends in the evening. If you are listing in the day, you can pay a small fee to pick the time you want the auction to end but to avoid extra fees, make sure you list your items in the evening so they end at the same time. The best time to end your auction is Sunday and Wednesday evening around 9pm (apparently this is a popular time for bidders). 

Check postage charges
Before listing the item make sure you know how much it will cost to post the item so you are not left out of pocket. You can do this by checking the sizes and weight of the postage on the Royal Mail website. Make sure you measure the thickness of your parcels correctly as there is a £2 difference between a large letter and a small parcel. If I fold an item a certain way e.g. small tops I can fit them in to a large letter size and keep my postage low. 

Don't overcharge on postage to make more profit
No one is going to pay £6 postage for a 2nd hand top so make sure you are accurate with your postage it also helps your feedback rating when buyers are leaving feedback. 

Offer postage discounts on multiple items 
Buyers may be more likely to purchase more than 1 of your items if you offer to combine the postage at a discount. 

Re-use packaging for posting your items
Whenever I order anything online or receive jiffy bags in the post, I keep them and re-use them to post my sold eBay items. This will save you money and help to keep postage low which will attract more buyers. 

Post your items within 2/3 working days of receiving payment
Again, this is good for your feedback rating and buyers are more likely to purchase from you. 

Always ask for a proof of postage when posting
If an item goes missing in the post and you have a proof of postage you will be able to prove to the buyer you have posted the item.

Set up a separate bank account for the money you make on eBay
Selling your unwanted items is not going to make you rich but it can be a good way to save up for something like a holiday. Save it all up over several months rather than it disappearing into your current account, you will be surprised how much you can earn.

Do you have any eBay tips?

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  1. This is such a helpful post - I've never been very good on eBay and I've so much I need to sell!

    I've used Depop which is okay but I know eBay has a much wider audience, and less time-wasters!

    Loving all your money-saving tips Linsay! :)

    Maisy Meow | Fashion and Beauty Blog

    1. I never had much luck on Depop so went back to eBay.

      Glad you find my tips helpful Eilidh. xx

  2. I've been dying to shop on eBay but I was way too sceptical until I read this post so thank you so much girl!

    1. Glad you found it helpful. eBay can be great for shopping for bargains aswell. xx

  3. Thank you for sharing. I've never sold anything on eBay before, but I have so much stuff I need to get rid off and most of them are in good condition. I really need to start posting them on eBay!

    Olivia x
    Beauty from the Fjord

    1. It's such a good way to get rid off stuff as you gives you a little something back. Glad you found my tips helpful. xx

  4. thanks for this helping tips.

    1. You're welcome, glad you found them helpful. xx