Thursday, 17 January 2013

How To Survive The Rest of January

January feels like the longest month ever and with it still being 2 weeks until payday I'm sure everyone is feeling the pinch. Thankfully, (after 4 years of living alone) I'm good at living on a budget and always find a way to tide me over until payday.  Here are my top tips.

Collect Loyalty Points
Pick up a loyalty card (Nectar, Boots Advantage, Tesco Club Card, Superdrug, Debenhams Beauty Club) and start collecting points.  Nectar is one of the best, you can collect on loads of online stores, Nectar Ad Points (view ads online and be rewarded in points) and Nectar Canvas (completing online surveys). You can easily collect £10 worth of points a month.

Use Your Loyalty Cards Points
Check what points you have on your loyalty cards and use them to pay for things next time you go shopping.  I just checked my Debenhams beauty card and I have £10 worth of points which I built up over Christmas buying presents.

Earn Money While You Shop
Join Quidco. You may notice I have mentioned Quidco on my blog before but I think its brilliant.  I earned £350 last year just by online shopping. You can get cashback in so many stores, Debenhams probably being my favourite. They have so many good beauty offers and the cashback clears in around 3 weeks.

Use a credit card that gives you cashback. Now this will only benefit you if you pay it off when you receive your statement. I use when buying my weekly train ticket, supermarket shopping and when paying in department stores and it all adds up. Santander 123 card is one of the best available at the moment. It gives you 3% cashback on train tickets and petrol, 2% in department stores and 1% in supermarkets.

Download Apps
Download Quidco and Voucher Cloud. With the Quidco app you can check into shops and earn money. The app is linked to your online account (mentioned above) and transfers the money into your nominate bank account once a week. Voucher Cloud offers discounts in shops and restaurants. All you need to do is show the code on your phone. Seriously, why pay full price, when you can pay half.

Get a Cheap Haircut
January is probably the best time to get a haircut or a beauty treatment. Most salons have really good special offers on this month. Check out  5pm and itison for offers. Another tip, visit a hair training academy as they offer cheap hair cuts all year round. Rainbow Rooms Training Academy  in Glasgow is one I have visited a few times. They charge £18 for a Graduate Stylist cut and blow dry and I can honestly they say they have always done a great job.

Sign Up For A Love Film Free Trial
No money to go out partying? Sign up for a months free trial with Love Film  and spend the rest of the month staying in watching films.  As long as you cancel by the end of your free trial you won't be charged.

Take Your Lunch To Work
I always do this anyway as I eat far healthy when I have prepared it myself. Do this everyday and you will be surprised and what you can save and you most likely drop a few pounds at the same time!

Use All Your Toiletries You Got For Christmas
Look out all your toiletries you got for Christmas and you will probably find (if you are like me) you have enough shower gel, bubble bath and body lotions to last you a year.

Sell Your Old Phone And GHDS
If you got a new mobile phone or straighteners for Christmas then sell your old ones. For phones try Mazuma Mobile and GHDs try GHD Spares. I used this website a few months ago to recycle my 8 year old, broken, GHDs and I got a cheque for £10 through the post a few days later.

Get Every Last Drop Out Your Foundation
When you can't squeeze any more out your foundation, moisturiser, etc cut the bottle in half and you will get at least another week out of them. It might just be enough to keep you going until pay day.

Sell Unwanted Christmas Presents on eBay
Throughout January eBay have been offering free listing weekends so list your items on and you will make more of a profit.

Roll on payday!!!!